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What put Infused Edibles on the map! Our Gummy line is comprised of quality award winning edibles. When comparing potency, taste and quality look no further. Its why why we keep winning awards.

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Available in doses of 150mg to 300mg. All our Trail mix, Fruit and Nuts are organically grown and the highest quality on the market. And the taste will make you beg for more!

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Our tincture's are infused with up to 400mg of medication and in a wide variety of flavors. Great for Topical applications or ingested. Just place 5 drops under the tongue or to your favorite beverage for desired effects.

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Our Revolutionary 'Just Add Water' Line of Baked Goods includes Cakes, Brownies, Cookies and even Macaroni And Cheese. These Items won 1st Prize in Edibles Magazine for Best Take N Bake!


I have had numerous surgeries, both on my back and spine. I refuse to use the drug medication my doctor prescribes me, those pills do more harm then good! At this time i have had my medical marijuana license for about 3 months, and i came across these gummies in a local dispensary. I absolutely LOVE THE TASTE! And boy did they help with all the pain i was in, i even tried some CBD peaches and they really worked, honest! It is one of those things where you need to try it to believe it. And well, i am now a believer. I will never touch another pain pill again! Thank you guys.

William Lee

Los Angeles, California

Suffering from MS, i am always in constant pain. In recent months it got to the point where all i can do is shuffle around for short periods of time due to the pain and lack of mobility. I am an addict (not really!) to these edibles! I live and breath his CBD products, they are the only affordable medication that actually works. Plus, they taste amazing and do the job. I couldn't be happier... and i just wanted to thank you all over at infused edibles so much! I am pain free (most of the time) now and its because of your CBD products.

Nancy Coddington

Palm Springs, California

Time used: ms

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